When will it stop raining?!

When will it stop raining? Or – will it ever stop raining?? At the moment more than one gardener might be panicking, and asking themselves, and others, the latter. But, as the old saying goes, “Nature always pays her debt”, and so the rain now will translate to some gloriously sunny days before long, we’re sure of it. And when they come, you will want to be ahead of the game!

One way, of course, as far as we are concerned, is stocking up on some good quality, exciting new plants ready to go in, as soon as your borders have stopped resembling moats, and as soon as you feel safe to pack away the snorkelling equipment that you needed to get to the bottom of the garden all winter.

Here at Madrona Nursery, where we have a particularly spectacular form of thick squelchy clay, we have rarely been out of wellies since the autumn, but we still have hopes and aspirations for this coming season.  As the winter clean-up is now complete and the nursery stocked up with a number of lovely new and well-known shrubs, perennials, grasses and ferns, as well as some interesting trees, why not come by and see for yourselves? We are sure you will find something that you didn’t know you needed, but in fact hardly can live without! And if nothing appeals, just have a little sit down with a hot drink and perhaps some of the famous fruitcake…that can never be wrong, come shine…or even more rain! Surely not??

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Hope to see you soon,

Liam, Ylva & The Madrona Nursery Team
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Delayed Summer

After the unusually wet and cold Summer, we have found ourselves in tropical temperatures just as the children returned to schools. Our gardens have been looking confused by the weather and many plants have suffered whilst others have thrived. Global warming is an ongoing issue and it has been widely spoken about for a while, however this summer we have absolutely seen the evidence of this phenomenon.

But let’s be positive! September is a great month for new beginnings and we encourage all gardeners to sit down in their gardens, grab a notepad and a pencil and spend sometime planning, drawing, pondering and imagining what they’d like to do in their gardens next year. Perhaps you’ve spotted a gap in your borders or a plant that looks out of place. Now is the time to plan these changes.

For some of us, the upcoming autumn months give us an opportunity to have a good tidy up and “put the garden to bed” for winter, but please remember that some plants should not be deadheaded until next Spring; such as Hydrangeas. Some gardeners like the look of the large brown heads but some of us are itching to cut those off – try to resist the urge! The spent flowers protect the new forming buds below from frost over winter but also, the large heads provide a perfect place for many species of insects to hibernate over winter.

When it comes to enjoying some long lasting colour, salvias are great plants with a long flowering period – they start flowering in Spring and continue to flower well into autumn. We stock a lot of varieties, such as ‘Amethyst Lips’ or the very popular ‘Hot Lips’. Salvia ‘Nachtvlinder’, as pictured, is a 75cm tall plant with velvety dark maroon flowers and a beautiful scent. We can’t help ourselves but brush our hands across its foliage to release the typical sage smell. Salvias are excellent pollinators and they never disappoint.

For now, let’s enjoy this lovely sunshine, whilst it lasts as well as the summer colours as they begin to fade into autumnal ambiance of yellows, oranges, reds and browns.

Liam, Ylva & The Madrona Nursery Team
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Last of the Summer colour?

When we look outside, it seems like we have found ourselves in October although the calendar says it’s still August. This year’s Summer has been very strange indeed. It seems like we have experienced some April showers, November Rain (any Guns & Roses fans out there?) and January blizzards! The only reminder that it indeed is Summer have been our gardens of course.

We are enjoying the last splashes of Summer colour at Madrona Nursery. What we particularly enjoyed this season have been the striking flowers of Phlox. Every gardener who strives to create an English cottage garden will include one of these beauties showing off its impressive clusters of striking flowers. Suitable for the middle part of flower beds and borders with its 90-100cm tall stems, these flowers will provide you with an impressive sight from June until September. And of course, bees absolutely love them!

We currently stock 5 varieties please check our stock list by clicking here. The one we would like to highlight is the Phlox maculata ‘Natascha’ with its unusual cone-shaped and heavily scented pink & white striped flower heads.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Liam, Ylva & The Madrona Nursery Team
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hydrangea – a classic beauty every garden should have

Hydrangeas come in may colours, shapes, sizes and types. They are easy to keep healthy shrubs (or climbers) and when they flower in the summer, they show off their huge “pom-pom” or cone-shaped heads consisting of clusters of little flowers.

At Madrona Nursery, we have a lovely selection of the more unusual Hydrangeas, such as Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ with its beautiful lacey cream-coloured flower heads or its sister Hydrangea arborescens ‘Pink Annabelle’ with stunning salmon pink hue.

Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snowflake’ has rather unusually oak-leafed shaped foliage towards the end of summer and early autumn. The flowers start off white and fade towards a pink whilst its leaves take on a bronze and purple tinge prior to dropping.

If you’d like a climbing Hydrangea, why not consider our fully hardy Hydrangea petiolaris ‘Silver Lining’ which again has unusual variegated leaves and fabulous white lacy flower heads.

Visit us this summer and choose your Hydrangea – no one ever regrets adding these beauties to their garden. To see what we’ve got in stock, please click here. We look forward to seeing you!

Liam, Ylva & The Madrona Nursery Team
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Spring is here! Is spring here?

Calycanthus Aphrodite

Some days it definitely feels like spring. And some days it feels like deepest winter…but we know that it is only a matter of waiting, and then spring will be firmly established, and we can go out and enjoy the sunshine, the spring flowers and that special freshness that this season brings. And that’s when we see it: Our garden needs a change. Time for a nursery visit….

Madrona Nursery itself has undergone quite a bit of change, although much remains the same. We have gained a new member of staff, Leanne, who we are very pleased to welcome onto the Team.

Our potting operation has moved to a new location behind the Tea Room, which itself has received new nice decking for you to sit on with your cuppa’ and cake. Thankfully, that bit has not changed!

Plants come and plants go, that’s the same every year. This year we are particularly excited to be able to offer you Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’, a hardy shrub with lush leaves and large wine-coloured flowers streaked with white, shaped a little like a Magnolia flower. Also, the hardy and perennial Verbena officinalis ‘Bampton’ with purple-tinged foliage and a haze of tiny purple flowers. As always, we have a fine selection of roses and are particularly pleased to finally being able to offer for sale Rosa chinensis ‘Bengal Crimson’, a single scarlet rose which blooms for much of the year; so rarely available and highly desirable!

Come and be inspired, come with your questions and queries…but most of all…come and enjoy a beautiful Nursery and a true gardener’s paradise!

Liam, Ylva & The Madrona Nursery Team
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A Christmas Wish

As we enter into the month of December, we can’t help but think of the festive season ahead of us. Many of us have started writing Christmas cards or even buying presents for our loved ones. Why not treat someone to a Gift Voucher? We can issue Gift Vouchers to any amount. If you are interested, please give us a call on 01233-820100.

We are open during the week but please call before travelling to avoid disappointment. Our normal opening hours will resume from 12th March 2022.

And finally, we would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and may we all meet in good health in 2022!

Ylva, Liam & The Madrona Nursery Team

Have we been robbed of Summer this year?

Madrona Nursery has never seen a summer so wet, cold and windy. The plants that suffered the most were roses and peonies… Just when they finally started to show flower buds (about 3 weeks later than usual), the downpours started and damaged them resulting in smaller blooms which shed upon touch, or at the slightest of winds. Some blooms even suffered rot.

However the plants that absolutely thrived in this weather were the hydrangeas. Some of our gardeners have mentioned their bushes were bigger than ever, showing off their spectacular large flowers with rich colours. After all, the plant’s name in Latin means “water pitcher”. We have a splendid selection of hydrangea paniculata cv:s available at the moment and we are of the opinion that every garden needs a hydrangea so we recommend you grab one (or more) of these beauties!

We have now entered autumn and many of us are thinking of preparing our gardens for winter. If you find a gap in your borders, we would love to help you find the perfect plant to fill it! Besides, now is the best time to plant new plants and trees.

You can visit us anytime during our opening hours: Mon – Sat: 10am – 5pm Sunday: 1pm – 5pm. After 31 October we are open during the week, but if you are travelling some distance, we recommend emailing on info@madrona.co.uk or calling beforehand to avoid disappointment. Our regular opening hours will resume again from Saturday 12 March 2022.

Ylva, Liam & The Madrona Nursery Team

Spring, how we welcome you so!

Spring has come round again, and not before time! I think we can all agree, that this winter has felt exceptionally long and miserable. The Lockdown is very soon going to be lifted, but even before then, our local customers have started to return, as gardening, and browsing and buying garden plants, are seen as essential. And of course we all know that’s true! Where would we have been this last year without our gardens?  

Here at Madrona Nursery, we have spent the winter months getting ready for a new, and hopefully more normal, season. Beds have been cleaned, plants have been divided, potted on or up, we have restocked with some interesting and unusual varieties, and the tea shop will soon have had it’s annual deep clean.  

There is much to make everyone happy and we are excited to welcome you, our dear customers, back. So, please come along, feast your eyes on all the new and familiar plants liberally spread around our quirky and unique site. Sit in the sun, or shelter in the poly tunnels during a spring shower. Enjoy a cuppa and a slice of the famous fruit cake, let’s have some banter and some serious talk about plants, plants and more plants!

Our opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun: 1pm – 5pm

Ylva, Liam & The Madrona Nursery Team

Winter Opening Times

We are busy preparing for the start of 2021 season as we are only 1 month away from reopening the Nursery as per our usual opening times.

Please note that we still have limited opening times during winter. We are only open for collection and by appointment.

Please phone us on 01233 820100 before you visit to check availability and to arrange a time for your visit to avoid disappointment or a wasted trip.

We are truly excited to welcome you to Madrona Nursery from March. More information about dates and opening hours will be available soon.

Christmas at Madrona Nursery

All of us at Madrona Nursery would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Limited winter opening hours;
Mon-Thur: 10am – 5pm
Fri: 10am – 3:30pm
Weekends closed until 13 March 2021

We have Gift Vouchers available, issued to any amount. Give us a call on 01233-820100.

We hope to see you at our Nursery very soon!